Dual Protests in Defense of Education

Posted on October 8, 2010


Socialist Action and the Wild Rose Collective gathered outside the C.R. School District Board Secretary’s Office as part of the National Day to Defend Education, demonstrating in defense of education and public services, raising the demand of “Money for jobs & education, not wars and occupation!” and “If capitalism can’t afford our education, we can’t afford capitalism!”

After its conclusion the rally regrouped outside of Coe College, where a picket was being held outside of the gubernatorial governors’ debate between Democratic incumbent Chet Culver and former governor Republican Terry Branstad. Around 25 people were present for this, all protesting the cruel consensus of the two major parties on all the major issues, the fact that both represent fundamentally anti-worker policies that seek to make the people of Iowa pay for a recession created by the bosses through savage cuts in education and public services.

Passers-by and picket participants responded positively to our militant slogans, as did a few Culver supporters, union members with whom we had discussions with about the flawed strategy of the Hawkeye Labor Council, the regional AFL-CIO affiliate, pumping money and man-power into the Democratic Party, effectively placing their hand straight into the mouth that bites them.

We called for:
Education for all!
STOP the cuts!
Branstad: ¡No tome nuestro futuro! (Branstad: Don’t take our future!, a reference to the candidate’s reactionary proposal to bar the children of undocumented workers from attending public schools.)

Photos will be posted soon, as will a video of S.A. activist Marlon Pierre-Antoine delivering a speech outside the debate picket.

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